Our First Podcast is Ready!

It’s pretty raw, it’s easy to tell we were all clearly nervous, and we have a lot of room to grow, but the first ever podcast from the River City Rationalists is ready for download at www.atheos.ca/podcasts/rcr/RCR001.m4a

The best part of this project is just to prove to ourselves that we could do it if we put our minds to it, and it will get better and better as we become more and more comfortable talking into a microphone.

The goals of the podcast are pretty simple:

  • Improve our understanding of issues around theism and atheism via discussion, especially those issues that pertain to the Leeds and Grenville area
  • Improve our argumentation
  • Lend our voice to the over-all atheist movement, and provide a conduit for folks in our area to learn more about what atheism means to us
  • Challenge theists in the area when they need a-challengin’

After all, many churches in town provide video and audio of their sermons for public consumption. Why shouldn’t we make our views known in the same way?

Big thanks to fellow RCR’er Michael Mcneely for editing and sourcing our music, and encouraging his fiance to do voice-over work.

Hope you enjoy the show!



Podcast Day!

T minus 1 hour to our first attempt at an #atheism themed podcast in Brockville. Dale, Joe, Michael and I will each tackle a subject for discussion – mine will be Paley’s Watchmaker Argument for Design. Sure, we won’t solve any of the pressing concerns of the theistic/atheistic debate, but we’ll at least get a chance to discuss ideas of interest to fellow atheists. Of course, we’d love to open a dialogue with local theists in this regard, but I’m not holding out much hope for that.


River City Rationalists

I pleased to announce that I’m part of a new Atheist group – the River City Rationalists. We’re comprised of a small contingent of folks that have been meeting every second Sunday as part of The Brockville Skeptics. Although The Brockville Skeptics has a pretty large scope, some of us found we only wanted to address the religious corner of the skepticism movement, and figured it would be a good idea to create an off-shoot group rather than try to co-opt or change what TBS is.

While my blog tries to address Atheism as it relates to my little part of the world – Leeds and Grenville in beautiful Ontario, Canada, the podcast will try to tackle bigger issues. We’ve got a great bunch of folks involved already, but there’s room for more.

Anyway, we’re in the late-planning stages for creating an informal podcast. My fellow Rationalists and I are each researching a topic, which we’ll introduce and open to discussion. My first salvo will cover Paley’s Watchmaker argument.

Obviously, we’d love to have a theist or two join us on our podcast once we get the bugs ironed out. I’m not sure we’ll get anyone local but that would be awesome. To date, they appear to prefer to preach to the choir, but we’ll see.

I’ll post a feed to the podcast here, and I think Dale Wood will at his blog – http://afreethinkersthoughts.blogspot.ca/.