Podcast 2 is out!


Episode 2 of the River City Rationalists podcast is ready for download on the Podcast and Media page (http://www.atheos.ca/podcastsandmedia/). We’re getting more comfortable in our skins – skins that evolved via evolutionary pressures as opposed to Intelligent Design, by the way.

This episode, Dale brought us news on the deaths of Fred Phelps and snake-handling preacher Jamie Coots, and Joe brought to our attention some pretty crazy public remarks aimed against well-known comic and talk-show host Bill Maher. From there, Dale took us into some Bible study with a look at Genesis, and then Mike introduced us to the AngerDome, where he broke the ice with a clarification of the term Atheist. Finally, we dug into Pascal’s Wager. [Spoiler: we don’t seem swayed by the supposed power of this argument].

Dale, Dave, Joe, Mike and I had a great time putting this together, but we don’t want to hog all the fun. If you’re interested in getting involved, reach out to us via our FaceBook page. That offer especially stands for local theists who don’t agree with our point of view – we’d love to have you as part of the discussion, either at the podcast itself or by recording a one-on-one session with one of our podcasters, etc.