Podcast Ep. 4 is Out!

Our recent interview with Baptist pastor Rev. John Wilderspin is now available at iTunes or on the Podcast and Media page. I think it’s a great show. John gave us his story, spoke to his faith, answered our questions, and engaged in courteous debate.

Looking forward to more local theists following John’s lead. We’d also welcome any local atheists who want to share their journey with us.

Podcast Day: Interview with Rev. John Wilderspin

The River City Rationalists are recording today, and we’re having a friend drop in. The Rev. John Wilderspin of the Brockville First Baptist Church is coming by to tell us about his faith, his church, and his views on a wide range of topics.

Expect a good, respectful discussion. As always, any other local theists that want to share their thoughts with us are more than welcome, either at the podcast or on this blog or both. By the same token, all local atheists, agnostics, skeptics and freethinkers are welcome too.

We are all stronger if we discuss our points of view in the open air.