Podcast 8: Exodus by the Numbers

See what I did there?

Anyway, Ep 8 is up and running, hitting iTunes and Stitcher any moment, and readily available on the Podcast and Media page.

We had a great time going over some news, discussing Avalos’ essay on God’s moral standing, and looking at the logistics of the Exodus. Some of the numbers don’t seem to work, but we might have forgot to carry the 1. Dale also introduced a new segment called “Little Questions”, which I think is going to be fun.

We’re welcoming a new voice to our next podcast, set to record Oct 4. Tune in to find out who!

Podcast 8 recorded today

Podcast 8 looked at the numbers behind the Exodus, some recent news (including the ongoing Trinity Anglican stuff), and introduced a new segment called “Little Questions”. We also took a look at Hector Avalos’ “God is a moral monster” argument. All in good fun!

The episode is with Mike for his insertions and the extra magic he does to make it all work.