Podcast 11 Wishes You a Merry X/Christ-mas

We did it again! Just a few weeks after releasing episode 10, we managed to get number 11 up before the holiday season ended.

This podcast was a little time-sensitive, in that we took it upon ourselves to dissect previous Christmas editorials featured in the local newspaper – the Brockville Recorder (it was the Recorder and Times when I delivered it as a kid, but those were simpler times). So, we took the Recorder’s faithful editor to task for some of his more problematic assertions from 2012 and 2013, while we await his offering for this Christmas.

We have news and Little Questions, too. We hope you enjoy, and we look forward to getting Joe back in the new year, as well as possibly expanding our team. As always, we would *LOVE* to have more theists check in with us, but we understand this is a busy time of year, what with the war on Christmas and all.

Peace and Love, playas!

Podcast 10 is up!

Dale and I were a two-man show for podcast number 10, but that didn’t scare us. We looked at some recent news from our friends at the Vatican, including how very close they came to joining us in the modern age. We looked at some more of Dale’s ‘Little Questions’, and we took some time to try to understand if the Bible says that the sins of the father can be visited upon his descendants. The answer? Yes, no, probably, probably not, or maybe, depending on who you ask.

It’s up at iTunes and Stitcher now, and (of course) our Podcast and Media page. Enjoy!