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030 – Wherein we discuss child abuse in Australia, homo-erotic outrage over beloved fairy tales, and theist confusion over what the word ‘progressive’ means. Thank goodness the Pope has our backs! Recorded in Brockville, ON at the home of Judith and Mark on Mar 19, 2017.

029 – Wherein we talk of cloud angels, atheist ministers and schools in Alberta that are fine with rules as long as they don’t have to play by them. Dale takes a look at some of the problems with indoctrinating children into a faith they never asked for, we Ask Another Atheist, and ponder a Little Question about just how much of a dupe that Pontius Pilate guy must have been. Recorded Sept 18, 2016 in Brockville, ON.

028 – Wherein the RCR team investigates the Patriarchs, changes to our National Anthem, the Anglican church and same sex marriage, and Mark and Judith’s visit to the Salvation Army church. We also take a moment to reflect on the passing of one of our founders – Michael McNeely. Recorded July 23, 2016 at Brockville, ON.

027 – Wherein we offer nearly two hours of atheist goodness, courtesy of Brockville’s firstest and bestest podcast dedicated to atheism in the Thousand Islands. News, Little Questions, and a brand new segment – Ask Another Atheist – wherein we ask each other the hard questions about what we think and why we think it. Recorded at Judith and Mark’s house in Brockville, ON on May 15, 2016

026 – Wherein we discuss News, Shout-Outs, Celebrity Atheists, Little Questions, and our extra-strength brand of rousing discussions. Did you know that Mississippi is on the cutting edge of the exciting new field of church security? Step inside… you’ve got some catching up to do! Recorded April 9th, 2016 at Brockville, ON.

025 – Wherein we discuss news and Little Questions in this shortened episode – why and how did Mary expect Jesus to take care of the bar at a local wedding, and what the heck are the rumoured Light Sessions that took place at the now defunct Grenville Christian College? We still don’t know for sure, but we had a good time talking over while Mark and Judith recovered from a bout with the flu. Recorded March 5, 2016 at the Brockville Public Library.

024 – Wherein we took extra time cooking this episode to make it as delicious as possible. We look into the idea that some opinions critical of certain religious groups should be swept under the prayer mat. Also: news, Little Questions, and a brand new Gin-lovin’ Celebrity Atheist! Recorded Jan 23, 2016 at the casa de Judith and Mark.

023 – Wherein despite our best intentions, we just can’t seem to muster the will to defeat Christmas once and for all! Could it be our love of Egg Nog? Is it our enduring affection for Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman? Is it because we’re too distracted by red coffee cups and preparations for our ‘(H)assault on Hanukkah’? Who knows. In any event, have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Kick-Butt Kwanzaa, and a Satisfying Saturnalia. Or don’t. Recorded at Judith and Mark’s house on December 19, 2015

022 – Wherein Judith has a big secret about a newly-minted celebrity atheist; we go over lots of news, Dale has a cutting issue to discuss in Little Questions, and we take a look at the efficacy of prayer. Recorded Nov 29, 2015.

021 – Wherein Dale takes us through the news, including some out-there apologetics in our own back-yard. Mark and Judith describe a visit to another local church, and Mark relates his recent visit to the 2015 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference, where he walked among the awesomeness of Ra, Dillahunty, Carrier, et al.

020 – Wherein we discuss news, Little Questions, and another conference report from Mark and Judith. Will county clerk Kim Davis accommodate same-sex couples practicing their right to marry in Kentucky? Will Newfoundland professor Ranee Panjabi accommodate a student with a hearing impairment despite her religious objections? Can David Fitzgerald, author of Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All, resist a hug from Judith? The answer to all these questions is… no.

019 – Wherein we talk some news and ponder Dale’s patented ‘Little Questions’, but this episode is really big on two conferences attended by members of our team this summer: The Amazing Meeting  #13 in Las Vegas (Artie) and the second annual Non-Conference in Kitchener, Ontario (Artie, Mark and Judith). We dig deep on what we liked and loved about these awesome free-thought conferences. Recorded Aug 29, 2015 at Mark and Judith’s house in Brockville, ON, Canada.

018 – Wherein we offer lots of news, Little Questions, and a quick look at Jerry Coyne’s “Faith Versus Fact: Why Science and Religion Are Incompatible”. Also – Judith, Mark and Dale give us a run-down on their visit to Brockville’s newest Baptist Ministry. Recorded July 12, 2015 at Judith and Mark’s house in Brockville, ON.

017 – Wherein we play catch up with some extra recorded material we had laying around. By co-incidence, it all relates to the Wesleyan movement in one way or another. We review our visit the Centennial Road Church, and re-visit our interview with Pastor Aaron. Then, we look at Brockville Wesleyan Church and their Bible Study program.

016 – Wherein Dale’s ‘Little Questions’ look at several Old Testament examples of God killing people for less-than-compelling reasons. We take a run at recent news, including Michael Coren’s controversial floor-crossing from Catholicism to Anglicanism, and Judith introduces us to some Celebrity Atheists. Then, Mark and Judith take us along on their recent visit to the Open Doors Fellowship Church just outside of Brockville. Recorded May 17, 2015 at Judith and Mark’s house in Brockville, ON!

015 – Wherein we discuss much with our friend Pastor Aaron Perry of Centennial Road Church. Recorded at the Brockville Public Library on April 19, 2015

014 – Wherein we discuss lots of news, including a not-so-helpful assist from Pope Francis on the most dignified way to hit your child, politicians not having any of that evolution stuff, and the horrific murder of an atheist blogger in Bangladesh. Dale hit us with more Little Questions, Mark reported on his recent visit to Centennial Road Church, and then Dale led us through his thoughts on Bart Ehrman’s ‘Did Jesus Exist?” Recorded at the Brockville Public Library on March 15, 2015.

013 – Wherein we covered a lot of news, including kids who didn’t really go to heaven, kids who might not have to take religion classes, and Mormon leaders acting like kids. Dale hit us with some more Little Questions, Joe updated us on the recent conversion of Ryan Bell, and Mark took his atheist necktie to the 1000 Islands Baptist Church to see what he could see. Recorded Feb 15, 2015 at the Brockville Public Library.

012.5 – Wherein we clean up some extra material we were saving for the Superbowl! We take a look at how different cultures approached sacrificial offerings, explored some Little Questions, and waded into Stephane’s ongoing Facebook dialogues with a good friend who also happens to be a pastor.

012 – Wherein we take a look at recent religiously-tinged tragedies in France and Pakistan, discuss end of life issues closer to home, and then tackle the question of if Jesus actually ever existed, with each podcaster stating their position and offering their rationale. Recorded Jan 18, 2015.

011 – Wherein we took a look at some stranger-than-usual news, including shenanigans from a high-rolling Ottawa priest and a not-wholly-successful resurrection out of Hamilton. Dale hit us with more Little Question, and then we spent some time dissecting the last two Christmas Op-Ed pieces from the Managing Editor of our local paper, the Brockville Recorder. Spoiler alert: we don’t agree with much of his faith-based argumentation.    Recorded Dec 14, 2014.

010 – Wherein we discuss recent Vatican Synod news, attack some Little Questions, and try to figure out if the sins of the father can be punished unto his descendants. Recorded Nov 8, 2014.

009 – Wherein we discuss news, explore more Little Questions, and finish off our look at the Exodus. This podcast features our friend and Facebook-warrior Stephane! Recorded Oct 4, 2014.

008 – Wherein we discuss recent news, introduce a new segment called “Little Questions”, inquire as to the moral standing of that God fella, and investigate the logistics of the Exodus. Recorded September 13, 2014.

007 – Wherein we discuss recent news, finally perform a post-mortem on our Wilderspin interview, and wonder aloud about the ten (or more?) commandments, while Mike offers uplifting(?) passages from the Quran. Recorded August 9, 2014.

006 – Wherein we discuss recent news, unwrap some counter-apologetics, and a take a look at how the Gospels differ in their treatment of Judas. Recorded July 12, 2014.

005 – Wherein we discuss some disturbing recent news, re-visit our visit to church, and take a look at how each gospel handles the resurrection story. Recorded June 8, 2014.

004 – Wherein we have a great conversation with local pastor Rev. John Wilderspin of the Brockville First Baptist Church. Recorded May 15, 2014.

003 – Wherein we discuss much in the way of news, before diving into some differences in the gospel accounts of the crucifixion. Recorded May 7, 2014.

002 – Wherein we offer up news on some recent notable deaths, wade into Genesis in our ‘Bible Study’ segment, introduce the ‘Angerdome’, and take a run at Pascal’s Wager. Recorded April 6, 2014.

001 – Our first episode, wherein we bat around the experiential evidence for God, the problem of evil, and Paley’s watchmaker argument. Recorded March 9, 2014.

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